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Wife leaves her Boda-boda husband over failure to provide meat.

A middle aged woman has ran away from her husband because he could not buy meat for her. Esther Bochere from Bosinange village in Kisii county was married to the boda-boda man five years ago. The mother of two children has been staying peacefully with her husband in their home until last month when they started quarrelling because the woman wanted to eat meat every weekend.

When the husband said he could not afford, she decided to seek employment in a local butchery. She worked there for a week and finally eloped to her employer. When the frustrated husband followed her yesterday, he found her at the market. But she told him to forget her because she was not his wife as he had not paid the pride price for her.

The man went to his in-laws to report the matter. They assured him that they were aware of the new husband and advised him to forget the wife. That was when he decided to report the issue to the area chief Mr. Andrew Ragira. The chief went to the new home but found that the woman and her new husband hand relocated to Riosiri open air market.

courtesy of operanews.

They sold meat there in an open air market restaurant. They were actively serving clients with roasted meat and ugali in their restaurant.

Men when your woman ask anything you better buy it or she goes to another man where she can find what she want? what do you think? Drop the comments on the comment section that is at the bottom of the page..

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