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Wife of assassinated Haiti president speaks.

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The wife of the assassinated president of Haiti, who was critically injured in the attack that killed her husband, listened intently as gunmen stormed their home, she said in her first interview since the assassination.

The assassins finally found what they were looking for in the residence of President Jovenel Moise and made a concerted effort when they came out to see if the First Lady Martine Moise was still alive.

“When they left they thought I was dead,” she told The New York Times in an interview published Friday, just weeks after the July 7 assassination that sparked a new crisis in a weak Caribbean nation.

Martine wonders what happened to the 30 to 50 men usually placed to keep her husband at home. None were killed, or even injured among the guards .

“It was only the oligarchs and the system that would have killed him,” he said.

Haitian police have arrested security chief Jovenel Moise, as well as about 20 Colombian mercenaries, for a plot they say was hatched by a group of Haitians and foreign relations.

As gang violence escalated and Covid-19 spread, Jovenel Moise had ruled the impoverished and disastrous nation by decree, .

His widow told The New York Times that the couple were asleep when the shooting woke them up.

He called his security team for help, he was shot in the arm and elbow., but the assailants soon fired shots into the room.

When she was lying in blood, her husband was dead or dying in the same room, she felt like she was suffering because her mouth was full of blood.

The killers communicated by telephone with the person when they carried out the attack and spoke only Spanish – Haitian Creole and French .

“I did not know what the killers took, but that came from a shelf where her husband kept his files,” she said.

Martine Moise wants the assassins to know that she is not afraid and is very much thinking about running for president as soon as she grows up.

She requested for the people who did this to be arrested, otherwise they will kill all the incumbent presidents, . “They did it immediately. They will do it again.”

Martine Moïse grieves during the funeral for her husband.
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