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Wife to Cop killer Bernard Sivo ,reveals the police last words to her.

Sivo phoned him that night, admitting his mistakes.

Njoro police committed suicide on Sunday after killing his girlfriend.

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Bernard Sivo raided Njoro hospital, where his girlfriend was receiving medical treatment after assaulting him.

Sivo shot Mary Nyambura dead, killing her on the spot.

According to his wife Joyce, Sivo phoned him that night, admitting his mistakes.

“I killed a woman who is breaking up my marriage and I will kill myself too,” Sivo told Joyce over the phone.

Sivo later returned to the train station, to see his family before committing suicide.

“She took my daughter, I heard her crying. She said,” Come on, I can’t do anything for you, I love you and I love my children, “Joyce said.

The man spoke while shooting in the air, then suddenly shot himself in the chin and the bullet came out of his forehead.

According to locals, Sivo and his former girlfriend had been involved in frequent clashes after drinking at a local bar.

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