Will Smith explains why he avoided Making movies on slavery : I wanted to be the hero

Will Smith avoided dealing with slavery in his work for very important reasons.

The actor was shown on GQ’s new cover where he explained why his previous films do not talk about slavery.


“I’ve always avoided making films about slavery,” said Smith, 53. “Early in my career … I didn’t want to show black people that way. I wanted to be a hero. So I wanted to show black beauty with my white colleagues. I wanted to play roles that you would give it to him. Tom Cruise. “

Smith’s stance has changed as he now plays the next film Liberation as Peter, a real runaway slave who fought to escape his hunters through the Louisiana dams on his journey to join the Union army. Peter is known for the image of his back which had large scars.

“It was about the will and power of black will,” Smith said of his choice to make Redemption. “And that’s something I could get out of. We’ll make a story about how black love makes us fail.”

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