Deputy president William Ruto looses temper in an interview,” Umetumwa kwangu?”

On Tuesday, Vice President William Ruto appeared and was interviewed on Radio Africa (Radio Jambo) during the station’s morning broadcasts.

It was during the interview that the DP was prosecuted by its host, Gidi Gidi, over corruption scandals rampant in the Jubilee government.

However, it was the NYS scandal that seemed to irritate the DP, when the host linked his allies to the scandal. Ruto criticized Gidi for wondering if he had been sent by the forces to involve him in all the scandals.

Ruto, while admitting that there was corruption affecting the NYS, said those named have been brought to court and the perpetrators are known, unlike Friday’s “Kamata Kamata” cases, which were not. They were simply politically motivated.

“You were sent to me and told I was involved with NYS?” Je! Haven’t you seen those who have been charged in court? asked Ruto

Ruto was present again, after Gidi asked him about his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta. According to the host, Uhuru had publicly claimed that Ruto had taken and fled to the other side.

However, Ruto avoided the question and instead sent Gidi to the test, claiming that he would not discuss his relationship with his boss Uhuru Kenyatta on the radio.

“Are you speaking on behalf of the president, because he has sent you? You are talking to DP Ruto and if you have time you will invite the president, he will speak for himself,” Ruto added.

Ruto blamed other members of the government, saying they were involved in anti-corruption politics, and that his allies who are heavily involved in corruption are because they support him. He said all those arrested had not been charged by any court.

“Everyone associated with Ruto has been fought and expelled from government positions. How is their hunting linked to corruption?” Ruto asked.


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