William Ruto: We’ll not rule through blackmail or fear

President-elect William Ruto has guaranteed Kenyans that his administration won’t manage through dangers and terrorizing.

Talking during the debut meeting of Kenya Kwanza chose pioneers, Ruto demanded that Kenya is a majority rule country.

“I need to tell individuals of Kenya we are having our majority rule country back and everyone can address everyone about everything all around they need and no one will defraud them. We live in a vote based nation and that is the manner by which it ought to be,” he said.

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A file image of William Ruto
A file image of William Ruto

“You can return and utilize your typical telephone since shakedown, terrorizing, dangers have halted.”

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He tossed conceal at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, blaming it for terrorizing, coercion and dangers.

Ruto said this is currently a relic of times gone by, with his approaching government.

“I need to guarantee that our organization will not have anything to do with extortion, the dangers we have seen, the trepidation being sold around the country that you can’t converse with either individual since they don’t share your political perspectives.”

During the gathering the President-elect encouraged pioneers to meet up to work to ultimately benefit the country.

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