Willis Raburu: Why I still look big even after the surgery

Media character Willis Raburu has made sense of that the gastric detour surgery results are progressive.

While answering a fan who has inquired, “900k went down the channel very much like that? They deluded you.”

Raburu answered the fan.

“It is a cycle I was 164kgs and presently I’m down 21kgs it takes persistence. Each day in turn. Indeed, even 21kgs down I’m as yet heavier than most however it’s encouraging,” he said.

Adding, “Don’t be in a hurry. It’s an investement.”

A file image of Willis Raburu
A file image of Willis Raburu

Raburu took the web in a craze after he said it cost him Sh900,000 for his weight reduction surgery.

The sort of superficial medical procedure is a kind of weight reduction that includes making a little pocket from the stomach and interfacing the recently made pocket straightforwardly to the small digestive tract.

The 35-year-old uncovered he went through the gastric detour in June at a Nairobi emergency clinic and needed to get some much needed rest to recuperate with him eating delicate food varieties from the beginning.

Adding that the medical procedure additionally lessens how much food that one eats, Raburu said, “I used to routinely eat in excess of six chapatis and visit KFC. In any case, presently I don’t eat a lot. I realize this is an enduring arrangement.”

Saying he attempted alternate methods of weight reduction however was fruitless, Raburu guaranteed that the medical procedure was his final hotel.

“I have gone for energetic preparation at the rec center. I have done exercises yet my weight lessens for some time then, at that point, out of nowhere returns. Not that I could do without the rec center yet it didn’t work for me.”

Taking note of that when his wellbeing was in question he chose to go for the medical procedure, Raburu uncovered that his pointers were his tension and cholesterol levels which were extremely high.