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Willy paul announces he will be vying for Mathare MP seat in 2022.

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Willy Paul is the most recent celebrity in Kenya to announce his candidacy for a political seat in 2022.

Willy Paul took to Instagram to inform his supporters that he would be running for Mathare MP. He did not specify which party he would use to run for office.

“Are you ready Mathare? Let’s bring this change..” Willy Paul posted.

Photo courtesy Willy paul instagram.

This comes a few days after the scandal where Bahati’s wife, Diana B accused him of allegedly raping her.

Following his surprise announcement, his fans split into a comment section where others were of the opinion that Willy Paul is hunting for weight as usual. Some encouraged and welcomed his idea, while others begged him to forget.

Only time will tell if Willy Paul is serious about venturing into politics. You never know, he could be one of the main candidates for the seat considering that most Kenyan voters favor scandalous candidates, and Willy Paul agrees with that statement.

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