Willy Paul has been on limelight for sexual harassment: ladies who have accused Willy Paul of sexual abuse.

Former gospel singer Willy Paul has now been charged with sexual harassment by several women.

A famous face, Atieno Nyardhudha from NRG came to tell his story.


According to the woman, she was also harassed while looking for work in Willy Paul’s studio. This tragic incident, however, occurred when Atieno was only 19 years old; an age where she probably felt embarrassed / afraid to speak or worse – no one would believe him.

Two years ago a revelation of a university student who claims Will Paul to have assaulted her at his home in Syokimau for four hours on July 3.

“Susan Mwaniki, a student from Mount Kenya University fears for her life after Willy Paul strangled, beat her and threatened to shoot her.”


She reported the threat to her life to the Thika Police Station via OB number 150/5/7/2019.

Three Months ago, Miss P posted on her social media pages claiming that Willy Paul assaulted her too.

Miss P, during an interview on Youtube, said that Willy Paul sexually abused her several times as soon as she started her studio sessions with him.

“She forced me to have sex with him, not once, not twice. I had to tell my mother because I had to go to the doctor. I had to ask for help and my mother helped me Alhamdulillah, otherwise I would have just given birth or I would have been nine months pregnant, ”she said.


Willy paul has finally responded to all the claims against Him.

In an Instagram video, Willy Paul said: “The fight should be against poverty, not against Willy Paul, I want people to succeed, even some artists who send people to attack me, I always want to see them succeed.”

He added, “Why are you attacking someone who doesn’t have time for you. Someone who isn’t the same as you?”

In his proud signature, the singer said, “Even if I die, I will die king and accept that name.”

The question still remains, why don’t the girls who come out to speak out take legal claim on Willy Paul?

What do you think?


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