Win for Nick Mwendwa as the court closes his case.

Suspended Football Federation of Kenya (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa has scored significant points in a corruption case against him after the government closed its case.

According to a court ruling handed down on Thursday, November 25, the government closed Mwendwa’s case.

In addition, the court ordered the return of the Ksh 4 million bond he had placed to secure his independence.

Nick Mwendwa; image/courtesy

The prosecution had been given seven days to file a complaint against the troubled FKF boss, but when the case was brought to a close, it asked for the case to be closed.

“We are trying to end the case while we continue our investigation as soon as possible before filing a complaint against him,” the prosecution said.

Following the new move, Resident Magistrate Wandia Nyamu approved the Government’s request to close the file.

“I therefore order that this matter be closed as requested by the DPP,” Wandia said.

Mwendwa’s lawyers led by Eric Mutua, Professor Tom Ojienda, Nelson Havi and John Khaminwa have not opposed the DPP’s request to close the investigation file at this time.

Mwendwa has been accused of abuse of power and embezzlement of taxpayers’ dollars.

His team was also disbanded by Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed, who formed an interim committee to oversee football affairs in the country for the next six months.

The suspended boss was released on a Ksh 7 million bond by two trustees or a Ksh 4 million cash bond and two contacts.

Mwendwa was also barred from entering the FKF office or attending football activities until the court made its final decision.

This despite the prosecution’s request to detain Mwendwa for 14 days to allow officers to complete an investigation into allegations of embezzlement.

The prosecution claimed that Mwendwa may have intervened in the ongoing investigation.

“The victim has a high probability of damaging or concealing the relevant evidence or interfering with the evidence and gathering evidence, thus affecting the investigation if it is released at that time,” the team said.

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