” Woman attacked me bit my lip , her friend swallowed it with alcohol,” Woman narrates.

A woman by the name Monicah Mwikali from Msambweni has narrated how a woman attacked and bit her lip for allegedly being in a relationship with her husband and later her friend swallowed the piece which was bitten to hide the evidence.

According to Monicah on that particular day she had spent with her friends and she could hear them claiming that they were going to punish someone but she never expected to be the one who was to be punished.

After a few minutes, she was attacked and brutally beaten where her lip was bitten and one of the friend hurriedly swallowed to hide the evidence. After the attack Monicah rushed to the hospital and the doctors asked her to get her lip so they could fix it but she had nowhere to get it.

After they cased with the village elders the woman who bit her was asked to grant Monicah kshs. 30,000 which she claims up to date she has never received.

The residents condemned the incident where they claim the suspect should be punished. Monicah claims she just wants justice for the inhumane act done to her.

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