Woman collapses and dies after police officer snatched money from her.

Two police officers are being investigated after a Trans Nzoia county gravel maker allegedly collapsed and died after one of them confiscated his money.
Kiminini Police Station officers reportedly stormed the woman’s house and confiscated her 30,000 shilling wallet, after refusing to give them 1,000 shilling protection.

The Scolastica Marada family said the mother of five, who has worked in the alcohol industry for eight years, was at home on Thursday evening when the two officers came to collect bribery funds.

Police have been accused of taking bribes from illicit brewers to avoid arrest, making it difficult to deal with ongoing beers claiming losses.

Marada’s sister Emily Nekesa said the two officers entered the area around 6pm and found them chatting outside.

Ms Nekesa alleges her sister entered the house to retrieve something and officers followed her inside.

She said she did not think much because the police are still collecting bribery fees from alcohol producers.

“I just knew that the officers had come to take bribes as usual and that they would leave because my sister was a glamorous businessman,” she said.

Ms Brenda, Mr Marada’s younger sister, claimed the officers had refused the 1,000 shillings they had been given.

“So one of the officers seized a purse containing money that my sister had received from her group before leaving home,” she said.

Ms Nekesa said her sister, who was suffering from heart disease, collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

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