Woman delivers a healthy baby in a bus through the help of fellow passengers.

The incident in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil prompted the bus driver to direct the bus to Rocha Faria Hospital after receiving information that she was about to give birth.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, some passengers went down to ask for help from the hospital staff while others remained to help deliver the baby.

Describing the incident, one passenger said the woman was already under stress when she boarded the bus and insisted to stay.

Photo courtesy- Instagram goodnews_movement

“I got on the bus at 6:20 pm, already the mother was standing inside, holding the bar and saying she did not want to sit down and she was very sick.

She said it broke the water, “he told UOL media.

Despite arriving at the hospital, the baby was born inside the bus. Pictures of the incident showed the doctor hugging the child as he exited the crowded bus.

Reports say the woman and her son are doing well and are doing well in hospital.

Here are some comments from social media users:


“Wow, what an experience.”


“If I had been on that bus, I would probably have fainted. But good for everyone who helped.

@ sarahvasquez.co:

“What a welcome for this beautiful bread.”


“I hope he gets a free bus ticket for the rest of his life

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