Woman puts a Billboard to celebrate her lover and husband on Valentines day

A businessman and radio presenter from Tanzania has raised the joy of celebrating Valentine’s Day after doing something tasty ever.

Emerald posted a beautiful poster on a busy highway showing the world how much she loves her five-year-old husband.

She said after seeing the beautiful poster, her husband left with tears of joy and thanked her for the beautiful gesture.

A Tanzanian woman celebrated her husband with a Valentine’s Day style after placing a beautiful poster on the busy highway to show him her love.

A businessman and radio presenter known as Zamaradi Mketema put up a Valentine’s Day poster on the main road that her husband often passes so that he can see it every day for the next month.

Speaking to reporter Millard Ayo, the doting wife said she had been preparing for such an exciting surprise for almost two weeks and was delighted with the final product.

husband’s response

She recounted that on the evening of February 13, 2022, she took her husband to the bulletin board and when she saw the big news, he could not hold back his tears.

“After putting up the poster I took it to see him and he was very happy, when he arrived he couldn’t stop laughing but when he got back in the car he turned around. He started crying saying I did it. Happy,” he said.

The popular radio presenter said she and her husband have been together for six years, five of them married and she is the best man ever to appear.

“He is a very special person in my life and one day I will say how good he has been to me. He loves me so much that words cannot describe how much he loves me,” she declared.

The board, which has been widely distributed since then, has a beautiful message for Emerald’s husband that read:

“Let the world know I love you. You are my king. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear from your dear wife.”

The wife said it would end next month so her husband could see her every time he used the road.

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