Woman shot in mistaken identify of Caroline Kangongo speaks.

Phanice Chemutai Juma

Keep in Mind;

~Gun owner Ken Muyundo claims he shot the woman thinking she was a police officer Caroline Kangogo.
~The victim’s mother wants the authorities to speed up the investigation into the incident and to ensure that her daughter gets justice.

A woman, who was shot dead in Kitale on Friday by posing as a fleeing police officer, Caroline Kangogo, accused the shooter of targeting her for illicit sex.

It was the first time she had met the businessman,Ms Phanice Chemutai Juma, 20, from Kaboiywo, a sub-county of Mount Elgon,said from the hospital bed . Mr Ken Muyundo, who is a licensed gun owner

Mr Muyundo claimed he accidentally shot her thinking it was Ms Kangogo. The officer is wanted for the murder of two men.

He says the problem started at Kiminini Market when he decided to stay overnight at one of the hotels because of a curfew at 6:45 pm on Thursday .

Ms Chemutai said she had called relatives to find shelter before, but by the time she arrived to pick him up, the curfew had passed.

“He asked me to rent a room in one of the hotels and he gave me money to buy food,” he said.

Later, Ms Chemutai said she left the hotel in search of food when she discovered a black Prado in the parking lot.

an ongoing fiancé
He said that Mr Muyundo called him where he was and that he had agreed.

“She told me that she was happy to meet me and that she wanted us to get to know each other better. I informed him that I was employed and that what he asked for could not happen, ”Ms Chemutai said.

However, Mr Muyundo went so far as to ask for his phone number, promising to call him later.

The woman started buying dinner and on the way back to her room, she said she did not feel safe because the man kept looking at her. He warned the guard.

“We moved to the car and I showed it to the man in the car. He gave her Sh1,000, telling her to apologize. That’s when he pulled out a gun and shot me, saying I was the woman he was looking for, ”he explained.

He called for help and patrol police officers assisted him and took him to the hospital.

You need justice
According to Ms. Chemutai’s mother, on that fateful day, she sent her daughter to pick up her younger sister’s birth certificate from the Service Center in Kitale town.

“He later called for money to facilitate the process. I sent him money and in the evening he told me he could not go home because of the curfew, ”he told Nation.

It was the last time she spoke to her daughter until the next day at the hospital where she was lying with a gunshot wound.

He called on the authorities to expedite the investigation into the incident and ensure his daughter gets justice.

Hospital superintendent Dr Sammy Masibo said the woman was out of danger and was recovering well.

“She was shot in the left abdomen. We were able to give a shot and now it is OK. We are keeping him in hospital for a few more days for examination, ”he said.

Mr Muyundo is in custody and police have asked the court for more time to investigate.


Phanice Chemutai Juma

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