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Woman who survived Breast cancer dies Enroute to hospital.

Jackie Jude, a middle-aged woman who shot to fame courtesy of popular Church chill show’s comedian Mc Jessy after she was successfully cleared to be cancer-free has unfortunately succumbed .

Before featuring on Jessy Junction , a show premiered by the comedian, Jackie had undergone double mastectomy where both breast was surgically removed as the only lasting solution to her infection before being given a clean bill of health by doctors. She was therefore set free from the hospital bed where she had camped for months while battling the deadly infection.

While leaving the hospital bed, comedian led Jackie’s husband surprising the doctor who handled her with a banquet of flowers.

According to a statement issued by Mc Jessy on his social media, Jackie succumbed when she was on her way tp hospital after her health worsened abruptly.

Together with her husband Jude, they had a daughter . Jessy was emphatic to the sad development equally.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our beloved friend Jackie Jude who had been battling with breast cancer for quit some time,” read part of Jessy’s social media revelation.

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