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World at risk of hitting temperature limit soon.

It’s now likely that a key global temperature limit will be reached in the next five years.

According to a major study, by 2025 there is a 40% chance of at least one year being 1.5C hotter than the previous years.

The analysis is made on modelling by the UK met office and climate researches in 10 countries including US and China.

A senior Met officer compared projected temperature with those of 1980-1900 shows a clear rise.

“What it means we are approaching 1.5C , we are not yet there but that’s where we are headed.” he said. Time is running out, we need strong action now.” he added.

At the moment projection suggest that even with the recent pledges to cut emission of greenhouses gases, the world is on course to heat up to 3C.

The researches point out that even if one of the next five years is 1.5C above the pre-industrial level , it’ll be a temporary situation.

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