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John Cena & Bianca Belair Share a moment after WWE SmackDown.


Bianca Belair did not close SmackDown the way she wanted. WWE EAST was founded by Sasha Banks, but the night did not end when the episode was cut short.

After a live SmackDown show, John Cena stepped into the ring. He had a little time with Bianca Belair when they were walking down the street where respect was right. Then Rey and Dominik Mysterio left. A six-man team match followed between Cena and Mysterios against the Roman Empire and Usos.

Bloodline lost the match to Cena and Mysterios when Cena hit a behavioral adjustment for Jimmy Face in shock. They are organizing this game at a house show, and Minneapolis fans got a chance to see if they were directly tonight. It was a fun closing match and the fans returned home happy.

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