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XXXTENTACION + Lil Peep sued by artist who thinks they’re alive.

Lil Peep died of a tragic accident in 2017, when XXXTENTACION was shot a year later. However, that doesn’t stop fellow artist Richard Jaden Hoff from accusing them. According to TMZ, Hoff (popularly known as K.R.i.O.) is accusing two rappers who died of guitar theft from his June 2018 SoundCloud song “Under My Breath”.

He says the song was sampled without his consent for Lil Peep and XXX’s “die down” song that dropped just three months after uploading to SoundCloud, even though the guitar rock had been beaten, accelerated, filtered and leveled.

XXXTENTACION & Lil Peep Both Sued For Copyright Infringement By Artist Who Possibly Thinks They're Alive

The song met with modest success and was later featured on Lil Peep’s second studio album, Come Over When You Are Sober, Pt. 2.

The odd thing is that Hoff reportedly referred to Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION at the present time during the trial as if they were still alive. He also calls them all “California residents.” Columbia Records, Sony Entertainment and several producers of such songs are called defendants. Hoff searches for undisclosed damage.

“Falling Down” quickly garnered 20 million Spotify playback and over 21 million YouTube views when it was released. The other also reached No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. The X family collaborated with Peep management to make the song a success..

XXXTENTACION’s mother introduced her as “Peep and Me’s mother” before the song was released, though some fans didn’t believe they would work together in their lives.

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