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‘You can be whatever you want is a lie’ – Nollywood Actor states.

Nollywood actress Williams Uchemba made the Nigerian speak out following a post she posted on her social media page.

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Some Nigerians were not happy with the actor’s post, mainly because he used inanimate objects as examples. Actor Williams Uchemba said reports that people could be whatever they wanted had led to many of them dying prematurely, traumatized and despairing. According to him, the statement is false.

Williams Uchemba talks about finding his lens Using a sofa and a fridge for example, the actor said the manufacturer knew their lenses before they even finished making them.

According to him, everyone has their own calling, such as sofas and refrigerators. Realizing that people often have a hard time knowing their goals, Williams said asking the manufacturer or reading the manual that came with the product is one way to find out. He said, “Don’t be the way you want to be. Be what God called you to be because only then will you have the grace to use it.

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