You should have left earlier : Raila disses losers in the ODM nominations for ditching the party.

ODM leader Raila Odinga slammed the candidates who initially submitted a request for a party ticket but withdrew from the party after losing the nomination.

Raila said the candidates should not have applied for the party ticket ticket if they knew they wanted to be free.

He condemned the move and called it selfish and demeaning to party democracy and the nation as a whole.

“You find someone applying for a position in a political party. When they are presented with nominations and failures, they become free. Why didn’t they announce their intention to compete as independent people before applying for a party ticket?” he laid.

Speaking on Wednesday, April 21, during the issuance of the Bomas of Kenya nomination certificates, the award-winning prize told the losers to learn to be loyal members despite all the consequences.

“When you choose to join a political party, remain loyal to that party and trust its ideology and principles,” he said.

At the same time, he urged the winners of the nomination to campaign peacefully; preaching love and unity across the country, saying he aims to see a united Kenya.

“You are now our ambassador. So keep up the serious campaigning of the party and give but do not forget to talk about the unity of Kenyans and especially the people you want to represent at different levels, ”Raila said.

He also said his recent comments on the six-party vote only targeted ODM members in areas where the party fielded candidates.

“I was talking to my supporters and that’s why I told them to vote for party candidates wherever they are, not everyone in the coalition coalition.

The Azimio la Umoja Declaration is a multi-party movement. I am the presidential candidate of the coalition but also the leader of the ODM party, ”he added.

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