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Young Millionaire: Dancer Moya David enters the millionaires club.

Moya David is a well known kenyan Tiktoker who has been lighting up the faces of many with his dance moves.

David got to the public, after his tiktok video of him surprising people on the streets with a dance and later gifting glowers and chocolates

David later started getting jobs from different people to either surprise their loved ones and not forgetting helping even to mend broken relationship with his dance.

In his Instagram account, he recently had a question and answer with his fans and followers where one of them asked him when he first got his million cashed.

He answered claiming just when he turned his birthday this month when he was at the edge of giving up his dancing career.

“Just recently, the same day I turned 25 years. I was happy to achieve my short term goal. God’s time schedule is the best man I was almost giving up with dance career. ” he replied

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