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YouTube announces beta version of YouTube shorts to rival with Tiktok.

YouTube has announced the arrival of a beta version of YouTube Shorts in Kenya, intended to compete with TikTok.

Shorts provides a new short video experience for users as it creates short and interesting videos using mobile phones.

First announced in September 2020 in 26 countries, the shorts, will now be available in over 100 countries around the world where YouTube is available.

With short videos already appearing on the platform, users in Kenya and around the world will find tools to create Shorts for the first time. This will include a multi-component camera that will allow you to click on multiple videos, the ability to record and music, control speed settings, and more.

“We want to make short films easy and enjoyable,” said Todd Sherman, YouTube’s global product manager for short films.

“As we continue to create short films with our creators and artists, we will be adding more services for users to try,” he added.

YouTube Shorts is synchronized with global product expansion, YouTube Shorts comes with a new set of services where users can add text to specific sections on video, automatically add to shortcuts, record up to 60 seconds and Camera Shorts, add clip from mobile phone art to add to the recordings made by short cameras, and add basic filters to adjust Shorts colors, and more effects to come later.

When asked why social media companies are copying copies, Mr Sherman replied that YouTube’s short video experiment started as a free project and not an attempt to copy what TikTok does.

While the company believes Shorts will differentiate itself from TikTok for its integration with the major YouTube platform, other highly regarded social media players like Instagram and Snapchat have followed Reels and Spotlight, a subordinate.

New features also include the ability to download audio not only from other short films but also from videos on YouTube. This includes billions of videos worldwide and opens a new creative arena.

This means that users can give their creative feedback on the content they like to watch on YouTube and help find new audiences, from answering their favorite jokes, to trying their hand at the latest recipes. ‘Creator or re-show humorous drawings. The creators will control and can choose if they do not want their long video to be changed.

When it comes to music, artists and creators will have a comprehensive library of songs to use in their short films from over 250 labels and publishers, as well as Universal Music Group labels and publishers, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Music Publishing, Warner Music Group by Warner. Chappell Music, Believe, Merlin, Because Music, Applicants and Cobalt.

Helping people find short fun films and creators discovering is also an important part of the product experience. Prior to the launch of the shorts, YouTube introduced a line on its front page specifically for Shorts, launched a new viewing experience that allows you to easily slide from one video to another vertically, and will soon add short tabs to the phone that make it easier for users to watch Shorts with only one tap.

“To date, YouTube’s short player has surpassed 6.5 billion daily views. It will be included in a YouTube experience that users already know and love. For example, if a user hears an example of a song in shorts, they can find the full song, watch a music video, or find out more about the artist, all on YouTube, ”he adds.

YouTube has helped an entire generation of creators turn their creativity into a business and into the next generation of media business. Over the past three years, YouTube has paid more than $ 30 billion to creators, artists and media companies. With shorts being the new way to watch and create on YouTube, the company explored different ways to earn it and reward content creators.

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