Youtuber Eve Mungai and lover Trevor buy their first car after celebrating their second anniversary.

YouTube member Mungai Eve and her co-director Trevor bought a new car just one day after celebrating their anniversary.

Eve and Trevor present a new car

Via Instagram, the content producer shared a series of their beautiful photos in front of their brand new car.

Quoting the photos, he thanked her fans and customers for their continued love and support that enabled them to get their first car.

Eve also expressed her gratitude to God.

“I thank God for bringing us here, I did not know then we would be here, but with His generosity and mercy we have succeeded !! I don’t believe that we finally own the car. Glory to the Lord. Many thanks to the customers who believed in our brand and now we are working together. To all our fans, God has sent us thank you for your love and great support “, read part of the message.

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