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Zari came to Kenya and left 2.5 Million richer

By the time South African-based Ugandan socialist Zari Hassan left the country on Saturday morning after a three-day visit to Nairobi, he would be richer than 2.5 million shillings. Her stay was a mixture of business and pleasure filled with diva’s imagination.
But if there is one thing that stands out in this journey, it is that it is not easy to work with a 41-year-old mother of five, known as The Boss Lady, aka Uganda Sauce.

When she landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Wednesday morning, accompanied by her new boyfriend, who has not yet been identified for fear of being trampled on, manager Galston Antony, a photographer and friend identified as Sofia, there was great excitement on Instagram, where Zari has more than 10 million followers. This was prompted by reports that she was in the country recording the Season 2 episode of the reality show ‘Young, Famous and African’ which aired in March.

Netflix has not yet officially released an updated or canceled show, as the video streaming platform takes several months to reach such a decision.

The presence of Zari’s baby father, Bongo flava artist, Diamond Platnumz, who also flew a day later, could spark a Netflix report, as the two appeared on a reality show.

This is despite the socialite announcing earlier via her Instagram page during her visit to Kenya, stating that sge would engage in marketing activities with Fine Urban Interiors, an interior design and consulting company in Kenya, as well as a banquet. of all whites entered. at the XS Millionaire nightclub Thursday night.

However, the two ex-loverswho dated for four years and had two children before splitting on February 14, 2018, with Zari accusing Diamond of being a cheater, did not get a chance to date in Nairobi.

When Diamond entered the Movenpick Hotel in Westlands, Zari stayed at Radisson Blu, Arboretum.

On Thursday, Zari spent most of his day doing photography and video to promote the new Moja Estate market in Runda, which has several million homes, built by Fine Urban.

The day before, a construction company that paid for his trip to the country, sent him to Namanga, for disclosure and inspection of another luxury mansion under their cover.

In Runda, journalists from the Nation who did not receive any information about his whereabouts waited for hours to interrogate him, but that did not happen as photography ended at 9pm.

Tired Zari had to rush to his hotel room to have some fun before heading to the XS Millionaire club for a white supper.

“She is tired for the day and she has to go and get ready for the party.

Let’s do this interview tomorrow at 12:30. We did not have (interviews) on our schedule because we have. You have my word tomorrow at 12:30 pm, “manager Antony told reporters.

At XS Millionaire, the club was full, though admission was 2,000 shillings. There were savings table sets with players selling Sh200,000, VVIP Sh100,000 and VIP Sh50,000. All tables have been taken.

For his XS Millionaire appearance, Zari was paid Sh800,000, a source close to the broker leaked to the Nation.

By Friday afternoon, Zari had returned to Runda One to continue filming a film that lasted until 3:30 p.m. He declined the media request to be interviewed, citing fatigue and lack of trust in the Kenyan media.

“People do not know at all that I am a shy person. Also, I do not trust the media, they like to distort the story,” Zari said when asked to leave a few minutes for the press.

Even the intervention of Fine Urban’s chief architect Cleophas Nyagaka did not bear fruit as the socialist maintained his position.

marketing houses

For her luxury mansion services, Zari was paid 1.7 million shillings, money that Fine Urban was left with.

“She was paid 1.7 million shillings for her services to come and make a film and inspect the mansion and it was not easy to get her here. Convincing her about this project really took a lot of effort, ”the source revealed.

Despite increasing that staggering amount in those few days, Zari was forced to repay 200,000 shillings to tourism company Spoton Vacations Limited, a tourism, travel and events company after backing a last-minute deal. Spoton had paid that amount to take Zari on a gaming tour and hoped to use the experience to create content to advertise their businesses. However, they had to calculate the losses, especially after renting trucks to transport him to the park. Zari flew to Uganda and will begin a five-day visit to Tanzania next week.

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