Zora actor, Madiba opens up on battling depression

Zora actor Blessing Lung’aho, better known as Madiba on the show, opened up about a time when he struggled with stress at work.

Speaking to Buzz Central, he said art is a part of his life.

Madiba comes from a well-to-do family and his mother is a professor.

“I feel art is a curse and you can’t run away with a call, it will catch you regardless of your age,” he said.

“I worked as a project manager for a financial institution for almost a year and I was depressed every day. It wasn’t me.”

Blessings Lung’aho is a gifted actress, TV commercial model, storyteller, and health lover.

He also talked about inspections and misconduct.

“Later I realized that my rejection of the experiment had increased and I began to have doubts, which led to anxiety.

I had to accept it and deal with it because in our industry there are no structures that you can go to share your anxiety story. I needed to work on it and still today, I work hard for it. When I’m overwhelmed, I know how to handle it. “

She is currently one of the main characters in Zora, a love story show with many twists and turns.

He played the role of Major in the ranks of Mary.

He is also a strong Christian, and in his Instagram profile, he quotes a verse from Gen 12: 2.

“I will make you a great nation, your name will be great and life will be blessed, you will be blessed to be a blessing.”

He would also be the father of Jackie Matubia’s son.

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